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Angular is a powerful JavaScript framework maintained by Google that aims to simplify frontend development. Thanks to its unique toolset, developers can create rich and complex client-side applications. As an experienced Angular development company, Miquido knows exactly how to leverage all it has to offer to provide a truly unforgettable experience to your users.

What can you do with Angular software?

Angular is more than just the world’s second most popular frontend framework – it’s a powerful tool that will help you build extraordinary web applications.

Take it a step further with TypeScript

Angular is built with JavaScript open source superset – TypeScript, which adds static type definitions. TS allows for cleaner and more understandable code, making it easier to debug and maintain thanks to improved navigation, refactoring, autocompletion, etc. Thanks to TypeScript, developers can find bugs more easily before the code is even run. Finally, TypeScript takes the lead when it comes to providing easy-to-use documentation of many complex libraries, making Angular the powerful frontend solution it is known to be.

Create dynamic UI with Angular templates

Instead of using JavaScript, Angular relies on HTML-based templates to define the user interface. Data-binding allows developers to clearly set requirements for each element of the layout, making it easy to present complex and dynamic data on screen. Thanks to this neat little function, designs created with Angular are more customisable and responsive, making your product stand out from the competition.

Update code effortlessly with modules

Angular components can be easily sorted into modules. Such structural organisation makes it easier to introduce any changes or bug fixes, or run testing without affecting the entire codebase. The update would only have effect on the selected module. Furthermore, modules allow Project Managers to divide parts of the projects between different team members, thus increasing productivity and completing the development faster.

Save time with out-of-the-box functions

At Miquido, we are all for utilising custom software when the project demands it. However, in most cases, out-of-the-box functionalities of Angular can easily take care of the most common development issues. The default setup of this framework is more than enough to create a basic functionality of your app and more. All this, plus increased security, simpler code maintenance, and an extended selection of suitable libraries for your development team to utilise, makes Angular more than enough.

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Custom Angular app development

Do you have a clear vision of what your product is supposed to be and don’t want to overpay for out-of-the-box features you know you won’t use? Custom application development by Miquido is just what you need! Select the specific features that will set your project from the competitors, apply unique solutions that the industry hasn’t yet seen, and create something truly one of a kind!

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Angular operates as both a frontend framework and a full-scale platform for writing single-page client apps. It relies on TypeScript and HTML and has a strong community of supporters that contribute into independent libraries.
Angular is a very popular solution! Global companies like Google (Gmail), Forbes, PayPal, Upwork, Santander, and others use it for their applications.
Is pasta better than rice? Both are carbs, and yet each has their own benefits. Angular and React are just different enough for your development team to have favourites, yet none of them can really be called better than the other. It all depends on your needs. Read our blog if you’re curious about a more detailed comparison of Angular and React JS.
Yes! It is one of the most mature frameworks on the market, with strong community support, timely updates, and a powerful company behind it. What is more, it’s a complete ready-made package, which means that it’s equally attractive for business owners, as it is for developers. The only problem you may potentially face if your goal is to master Angular is that it has a steep learning curve, and that’s where React definitely takes the lead.

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