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Looking for a cutting-edge tech solution? Go with Artificial Intelligence! Miquido specialises in providing seamless AI and Machine Learning solutions for businesses of all sizes and colours. Whether it is Data Science, Computer Vision, Voice Assistants and Chatbots, or something even more advanced – you’ve come to the right place.

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Machine Learning

Implementing Machine Learning in your business will help you process large amounts of data and make useful conclusions based on it. Our Machine Learning engineers craft AI solutions using supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning used for credit scoring, opinion mining, building recommendation systems, and more. With the aid of ML, you’ll also be able to make better informed decisions, forecast sales, improve user analytics, just to name a few opportunities.

Virtual assistants

When it comes to digital business, user experience is the key to success, so it’s no wonder that voice assistants and chatbots have become particularly popular across various industries. Our team creates AI-powered personal assistants that will help to make your products more attractive to users, as well as improve the overall communication with your customers. Intelligent FAQ bots, customer service virtual assistants or voice user interface for your product – these are just some examples of what we can create.

Data Science

Making sense of available data can prove to be a crucial asset for business development purposes. By getting actionable, data-driven business insights, you’re able to obtain a better overview of your business strategy and reach out for new opportunities. We help companies find patterns and analyse them to get relevant, data-based information. Our Data Science team deals with Big Data to learn about what’s really important to your business, make churn predictions, run behavioural analyses, create Business Intelligence dashboards, and much, much more.

Computer Vision

Thanks to computer vision, we can process images and videos in search for specific information; think of it as a way for machines to understand visuals and translate them into valuable insights. At Miquido, we create solutions capable of recognising objects, classifying photos and indexing content – all to help your product gain high-level understanding from digital images or videos. With computer vision solutions, you’ll be able to automate tedious processes, from content moderation to verifying client identities.

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Custom AI-based app development

Have an idea for a custom application based on AI? You’ve come to the right place! At Miquido, we specialise in custom app development that is meant to create one-of-a-kind digital products just the way you envision them. We will provide you with a unique, complete solution, made with the features you request, and adjust the process to your particular business needs.

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There’s no doubt that you’ve heard the phrase multiple times, especially in the past couple of years, but let’s give the buzzword a proper definition. Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science that focuses on machines being able to perform human-like cognitive processes, such as learning, perceiving, recognizing visual patterns as well as speech, and decision making. AI is divided into multiple subfields, but it is safe to say that, generally speaking, AI works on the basis of data and algorithms that allow the machine to learn, perform tasks and improve.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broader concept. AI provides software that can solve problems by itself, while Machine Learning uses algorithms that learn from the data and is a part of AI.
It shouldn’t be a surprise that the share of companies using AI has been steadily increasing over the last decade. Artificial intelligence can solve a variety of business-related problems, such as:
  • Collecting, processing and interpreting large amounts of data
  • Automating tedious processes and operations
  • Generating valuable business insights based on available data
  • Personalising user experience
  • Improving customer service
Examples of those uses can be found in the form of chatbots and voice assistants that make for better and faster communication, digital ID recognition, recommendation systems, churn predictions, and much more. AI can not only eliminate the possibility of human error, but also give employees the time needed to perform tasks that require their attention most. With the help of AI-based automation, companies save resources, speed up their operations and overall increase efficiency, so it’s no wonder that the use of artificial intelligence in business is only predicted to grow rapidly in the upcoming years.
Artificial intelligence is a broad concept that covers different topics related to a variety of disciplines, as well as fields intersecting with them. The major subfields of artificial intelligence include:
  • Machine learning, which uses computer algorithms that give programs the ability to learn based on available data.
  • Natural Language Processing, which deals with the ability of a machine to understand, analyze and process human language, whether in written or spoken text.
  • Computer vision, which refers to the ability of a program to identify, classify and interpret visual images.
  • Artificial Neural Networks, which focuses on algorithms being able to mimic the functions of a human brain in order to solve complex and non-linear problems.
AI solutions are being implemented in a variety of different industries, but there are some that artificial intelligence has helped to truly revolutionise. One of the most obvious examples is the finance industry, where artificial intelligence solutions are used to ensure the safety of transactions, prevent credit card fraud and perform risk assessments with more detail. The industry has also benefited immensely from AI-based customer behaviourl analysis.
When it comes to profiting society as a whole, the most important use of AI has to be in the healthcare industry. With the aid of machine learning, medical professionals are able to make more informed diagnosis and choose personalised treatments for their patients. AI-powered medical imaging is also helping to diagnose serious conditions faster and with more accuracy.
The development of AI solutions has also hugely benefited the retail industry, where recommendation systems have helped to massively increase sales (as in, for example, the case of Amazon). E-commerce is perhaps also the industry that gained the most from the use of chatbots, as they’ve helped to improve and simplify customer service.
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