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Urja360 is a professional Golang development company, so we know exactly how important it is for your solution to be efficient, scalable, and safe. We want to build software worthy of the industry leaders and we have the tools to do just that. So what do you say? Let’s create a next-generation product together!

Why should you try Golang?

Wondering whether Go will be a good solution for your next project? This Google-created language can bring many benefits to the table, including but not limited to these:

It’s intuitive & compatible

As one of the newest programming languages, Go is well-suited to the requirements of modern hardware. Go-powered applications can be used within a number of operating systems and across various platforms. Go binaries can efficiently interoperate with external resources, like C libraries or Linux system functions. Moreover, Golang is a highly intuitive language, which allows developers to produce a clean and efficient code, speeding up the development process and shortening time to market.

It’s scalable & efficient

Golang is a great choice for complex projects that run at a high speed, as well as those projects that are meant to grow in the future. It relies on a number of built-in features that enable the reduction of memory usage. Moreover, it’s fully independent, as executables created with Go don’t rely on any external resources, making it more secure and easier to maintain than other languages. Thanks to its clean and easy-to-understand code, scaling Go-based applications is almost effortless!

It supports distributed network services

Golang enables the creation of functional network applications where data can be used by many people at the same time. Imagine multiple independent systems that can also effectively interact with each other. Distributed network services allow for sharing the load among different systems. Thanks to this feature, if any technical failures or system corruption appear in a distributed network, they won’t affect all systems, reducing downtime and facilitating general maintenance.

It handles microservices architecture

More and more companies are turning to microservice architecture. Golang is the perfect language to create it thanks to low overhead and no dependencies. With Go, developers can provide an architecture that will contain independent components, each of which can be written with a different technology. Thanks to microservices, even if a single module crashes, the rest of the application remains mostly unaffected. Seperate services are also easier to maintain and to scale if necessary.

It’s perfect for cloud-native apps

Due to its high portability and networking features, Golang handles deploying scalable cloud-native apps and exploits all the advantages of cloud computing particularly well. Not all legacy apps may be successfully matched with modern external resources and the modernization can become quite time-consuming, as well as risky and costly. This is why more and more companies are deciding to rewrite their software with the help of Golang for improved performance, robustness, safety, and scalability.

How long does it take to develop a Golang app with Urja360?

2 weeks

for the prototype

3 months

for the MVP

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Custom Golang app development

Golang is the perfect choice if you need a customised application for your business. It ensures great performance and makes it easy to scale, develop or transform the app in the future. As using Go makes the development process fast and easy, the time-to-market for your product will be short. If there are specific requirements you want your app to meet, you should use a solution that guarantees a high level of reliability and security. Planning on ordering a custom app?

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The official name of this programming language designed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson is actually Go. However, it is commonly referred to as Golang because of its domain name – golang.org. Go empowers developers to create short, readable and easy-to-maintain code with all its key functionalities. Due to a number of built-in features, with Golang you can easily create backend code or web apps without additional libraries.
Golang is now successfully replacing other programming languages such as PHP, Ruby on Rails or Python. Go is already used by world famous giants like Amazon, Uber or Microsoft Azure. Simple to use, it allows developers to produce complex and functional enterprise projects.
Golang is frequently used to develop backend solutions across different industries like Fintech, e-Commerce, Healthcare, e-Learning, etc. It is good for projects which must run at a high speed and for building scalable applications, making it a strong alternative to other modern backend technologies, such as Java, Kotlin or Node.js. Golang can be used for developing both simple, functional applications and complex enterprise apps. It is also commonly used to rewrite apps written with other languages to increase their performance and ensure their compatibility with modern external resources.
If you think that your application is too slow, you should certainly consider rewriting it with Golang. Golang developers can write robust and efficient code that will ensure your solution’s high performance. It is very intuitive, and producing clean and easy-to-understand code is not difficult. It can also be successfully applied in the development of complex systems.
Companies all over the world appreciate Golang’s possibilities. It is already being used by the most famous enterprises, like Google, Uber, Dailymotion, Dropbox and Salesforce, and it’s constantly gaining popularity. So if you’re worried about community support or the future of this language – we’d say it’s bright and shiny, and you shouldn’t be afraid to invest in it.

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